May 30, 2018

Call for Papers

Do you have an idea for an Agile talk or workshop? If so, read below and reply to

Red Hat’s RDU Agilist Guild is looking for Agile practitioners who want to share case studies, proven techniques, cautionary tales, or workshop experiences at Red Hat Agile Day, Oct 18th.

We are hoping that this year’s theme, Scaling Culture, will invite sessions that meet the increasing demand for exploring the importance of culture in Agile as well as the realities of scaling.

We will be offering three tracks this year. A core track, an advanced track and a workshop track.

If you have a session you would like to share at our Oct 18th Conference, please submit a proposal by July 13th to using the guidelines listed below.

NOTE:  You must be able to be physically present at Red Hat’s Raleigh office on Oct 18th to deliver your session. 

Session Title:

Session description (100 words or fewer):

How does your session or topic tie into this year’s theme? (100 words or fewer):

Speaker bio (150 words or fewer):

email address:

phone #:

Send all responses to