October 18, 2016


This is where you’ll find information about previous Red Hat Agile Day Conferences.


RHAD 2020 was held as a virtual open space, so none of the sessions were recorded.

  • Schedule
  • Sessions
    • Ideas to track/manage/visualize dependencies – Rodrigo Almedia
    • Homogeneous vs heterogeneous sprint participants and how do you manage the mix in a sprint – Jim Lind
    • Suggestions for coaching individual team members for improved performance / Encourage self-management – Bill Miller & Mo Hagar
    • What’s your favorite game to play virtually with your teams? – Scott McLellan
    • Ideas on increasing psychological safety within teams especially when/where we have more introverts – Tolu Fadiya
    • One on Ones as a peer: building relationships with your teams – Scott McLellan
    • How to develop part-time developer / SMs when there’s no budget for dedicated – Expanded Coaching SMs – Mo Hagar
    • Defining outcome metrics, and how to balance them against output metrics – Charlotte Fouque
    • The role of Dev Managers on an Agile Team – Rey Carcana
    •  “The tale of An Enterprise Agility playbook” — what’s in it, what work would come from it?  – Jason Schreuder
    • Social distance without collaboration distance – Chuck Copello + Jim Lind
    • How to build self-organizing teams? – Arzu Guldibi
    • How do YOU run retrospectives? Come learn from each other (like shadowing) – Scott McLellan
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