August 11, 2017

Resources 2016

Presentation Links:

Alexis Monville: How agile and open-source work together in nearly perfect Harmony/

David Fink: Overcoming Resistance – How to engage developers in Agile Adoption

Oscar & Betsy:  Scrum Masters Out of a Job

Ken Pugh: Using Business Value for Fun and Profit

Paul Smith: Double Your IT Dollar

Link to Video of Advanced Tracks:

Chapter 1:  Jim Whitehurst – Key Note: Open for Good

Chapter 2:  Larry Maccherone – What? So What? Now What?

Chapter 3:  David Frink – Overcoming

Chapter 4: Todd Olson – The Data-Driven Product Owner

Chapter 5: Alexis Monville – How Agile and Open Source work together in (nearly) perfect harmony?

Chapter 6: People Team – Life At Red Hat