July 8, 2016


SEU/PDU Information

SEU Instructions

For those of you working towards maintaining your Scrum Alliance certifications, attending the entire 1 day Red Hat® Agile Day conference is worth 7 SEUs.

This event falls under “Category C: Outside Events.”

Per Scrum Alliance:

Up to 15 SEUs may be earned by participating in other relevant events not sponsored by Scrum Alliance, such as Agile conferences, regional interest group meetings, training from someone who is not a CST, or a REP course that is not approved for Category B. Activities in Category C are attended face to face, and you are receiving rather than providing services. SEUs are earned at a rate of one credit per hour of active participation.

PDU Instructions

Attending a session of Red Hat Agile Day qualifies you for 1 PMI PDU in category B.   Attending the entire day qualifies you for 4 PDUs.

Please read the following information from PMI on how to report PDUs.

Documentation Required Upon PMI Audit/Request

Per PMI:

If a non-PMI REP or Community course: please provide the registration or letter of attendance, and a brochure or course materials (syllabus) outlining the subject matter covered and the qualifications of the instructor/lecturer.